Become a Digital Marketing Warrior Using the OODA Loop



The OODA loop was created as part of a military strategy developed by USAF Colonel John Boyd. Col. Boyd proposed that agility in any military situation involving humans would defeat raw power if the fighters continually used the OODA loop. We can do the same in our digital marketing efforts. Continue reading

Web Design Circuit: Coding Color in CSS


The Web Design Circuit is a 12-week online course where students learn how to code and design websites with the help of a mentor. Watch the above video to hear more information about the course and get a sample design and coding lesson.

Secure your spot in the next instance of Web Design Circuit by enrolling now, or visit us at for more information.

Why UX Designers and Developers Should Become BFFs



Although UX designers and developers may bring different skill sets to the table, at the end of the day, we are all trying to create the best experience for the user— and it’s when we put our creative minds together that we can achieve the most remarkable outcomes.

While at some companies the role of designer and developer are one in the same, at many others, the two roles must work both simultaneous and congruently.

The relationship between designer and developer can thrive if you remember to focus on the following:

  • Communication
  • Agile processes
  • Learn (some) code
  • Proximity
  • Empathy

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From Corporate to Creative: How One UX Specialist Designed Her Future


Two years after completing her transition from Big 4 accountant to UX designer, GA alumni Anindita Saha is fully immersed in the wide world of UX and the Hong Kong tech and startup community.

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Three Marketing Analytics Tools You Should Already Be Using



The world of digital marketing is all about the numbers. We conduct experiments and measure them against our goals using the metrics and analytics tools that enable us to learn and get better at our craft.

There are many tools out there, some free and some paid, but the easiest tools to access, use, and learn from are completely free. These are marketing analytics tools that you should be using today. Continue reading

Instructor Spotlight: Life-long Coder Teaches WDI In Chicago


James Traver, WDI Instructor for General Assembly in ChicagoJames Traver is a WDI instructor in Chicago. Having learned programming on his own from a very young age, James enjoying helping his students avoid the pitfalls that he endured as a new developer.
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How and Why to Segment Your Website Audience


How and Why to Segment Your Audience

When you go shopping for new clothes, online or in a brick and mortar store, which section do you hit first, the men’s or the women’s clothing? Good. OK, when you need a new power cord for your computer or smartphone, do you go to the Windows section or the Mac section? Finally, when you are in Europe at a great local restaurant, do you ask for the menu in English or in the local language?

Your specific answers to these questions are not the point. The point is that my answers may be the same or different from your answers. With that understanding, if you owned any one of the store types mentioned above – clothing, computer, food – you might ask me these types of questions when I walk in the door, or you might provide signage that shows me the way without having to be asked. Continue reading

Bringing Innovation Home: How One Student is Supporting Local Business in Flint, MI


Adrian won the GA World Tour back in 2013, getting an exclusive deep dive into GA and the startup world. She has since enrolled in our online Web Design Circuit to learn front-end web development and design skills. Now, she’s putting her skills to work as a Senior Consultant for the Flint Area Reinvestment Office, supporting local entrepreneurs and building a startup culture in the blossoming Michigan city.

Follow Adrian on Twitter: @sunnyokina

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How to Measure Social Media ROI


Social Media ROI

Using social media to market your business is something every business should do; however, despite what some may think, social media is not free. There’s at least a minimum investment that you have to make, even if it’s just your time, existing knowledge, and ability. When there’s an investment in the business, it becomes necessary to measure the return you’re getting on that investment, your ROI.

But how do you measure the ROI of social media? Well, the math is the same as any other ROI calculation:


The math, the calculation, is easy. Defining “return” and “investment” are the hard parts. Here are 7 variables to consider when measuring, proving, and defending the ROI on your social media investment. Continue reading

Celebrating All Things Made In Seattle



As a way of giving back to Seattle for welcoming General Assembly one year ago, we created a week to highlight great local products being developed in the city — from tech and design to music, food, and beer. From Monday, June 1- Friday, June 5 we want to bring people from all backgrounds together and foster collaboration through education. We want you to learn a bit more about some of the great work others are doing across a variety of disciplines all over Seattle. Follow the conversation with our hashtag #MadeinSEA.

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