What Is: Digital Marketing



Name: Matt and Katie Iles (@nine_lines)
Occupation: Co-Founders, Nine Lines

1. In 140 characters or less, what is Digital Marketing?

The pursuit to understand your customers, master your messaging, and grow your business.

2. What’s your favorite part about Digital Marketing? What gets you most excited?

The industry’s constantly changing, and we’re constantly learning. We love to experiment and analyze. But ultimately, we love growing companies. We see that aspect alone as vitally important and deeply fulfilling. With Digital Marketing, you can bring immediate value to the customer and to the business. What’s more exciting than that?

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Design Process as Modular Building Blocks



Celine is the Founder of Le Design Team & Slow Factory and UX Design Immersive Instructor at GA in NYC. You can follow her on Twitter at @celinecelines. This post originally appeared on her blog here.

If anything…

One thing I always say during my classes is “the design process is like LEGO—every step, every deliverable, every method is like a LEGO piece that you can use whenever, and in whichever, order you’d need to as you are moving forward from the Nebulous state of ideation towards prototype and tests.”

Teaching design to a group of professionals looking for a major career change often comes with the assumption that I will provide the secret recipe to the perfect website or service. I can only teach the method to go from the discovery phase all the way to prototyping ideas and testing them. Designers are like wizards—we can make sense of chaos. In his series COSMOSNeil deGrasse Tyson says “we are all descendants of astronomers.” In essence, we all looked to the sky, made sense out of these patterns, and were able to find our way.

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Storyboard It



Meet Alex Cowan, entrepreneur (5x), intrapreneur (1x), author, and instructor at General Assembly. He’s also the author of ‘Starting a Tech Business’. When he’s not teaching at GA, he’s often found advising companies and posting instructional materials for innovators and instructions on alexandercowan.com. In this first entry of his series on storyboarding posts, Alex lays out the basics and explains how storyboarding can help anyone, in any career path.

Communicating is hard and arguing is worse. And we’re probably much less effective communicators than we think — possibly as much as 20x less effective. In 1990 a Stanford researcher performed a study where on one party (“tapper”) tapped out a simple song a a counterparty (“listener”) tried to interpret the song. The tapper thought their listener had recognized the song 50% of the time where they’d actually only got it 2.5% of the time (this from the book ‘Made to Stick’). Unlike rhythmic tapping, storyboards inherently make us better communicators.

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Announcing: Opportunity Fund


Today we are announcing the pilot of a very exciting new program, which we are calling the Opportunity Fund. Our initial partners, Microsoft, Google, Hirepurpose and Nas (yes, the rapper), have all offered up generous scholarship funds to help veterans, women, and minorities become less underrepresented in the tech industry.

Ever since we founded General Assembly, we have held our community as the central element of our identity and values. As we’ve grown, our definition of community has expanded from NYC to other cities, and even to other continents. We have relentlessly pursued our mission to “create a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love,” but we know there’s a ton of work to do along the way.

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Heartbleed Update


Like many other services across much of the internet, General Assembly was impacted by the major encryption vulnerability that was discovered last week. We took swift and immediate action to patch this vulnerability.

General Assembly is no longer vulnerable.

While we have no evidence of a security breach, we’ve logged you out of your GA account as a safety precaution. As such, you may be asked to login again when entering the GA site. We also highly recommend all our users to change their password, both at generalassemb.ly as well as other services. For more information on this vulnerability, known as “Heartbleed,” visit: http://heartbleed.com/.

5 Reasons to Take the Leap and Be Your Own CEO



Peter is the founder of Masters of the Leap where he works with young professionals who want more freedom, adventure, and purpose in their work lives. He is also an instructor at GA in San Francisco

If you’re experiencing fatigue at least five days a week, hypersensitivity to everything office-related, including timecards and long meetings, and nausea at the thought of staying at your current job any longer… then you’re probably suffering from what I call a “corporate allergy.”

Unfortunately, this sort of allergy isn’t relieved so simply as popping a few Claritin. If you’re in this position, don’t worry (I’ve been there, and help clients through similar situations every day). It’s just time to get clear about what to do next.

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Block 71: The Startup Scene in Singapore



Our friends Bjorn and Ting at Doorstep Studios have embarked upon a 4 month journey to connect with the makers, hackers, entrepreneurs and growing creative class of urban East Asia. In “Block 71,” they take us on a virtual tour of the startup scene in Singapore. This entry originally appeared on CreationCatalogue where you can follow along with their entire journey.

From the outside, Block 71 looks decidedly uninspiring: gaunt, gray, faceless walls of concrete standing over an asphalt tarmac. On this particular day, a desultory rain sprinkled the west side of Singapore, giving the scene a heightened sense of gloom and apathy.

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InnovateNYP: GA Alumni Hack the Best Online Patient Care Experience


Health warriors

Last month, a group of GA Alumni took part in InnovateNYP: a hackathon hosted by NY Presbyterian Hospital. The challenge was to create the best online patient care experience, and our group of alumni didn’t disappoint as they took home first place for best overall prototype. We had some time to sit and chat with them about their experience, here’s their story.

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Startups Are Easy…



Gal Josefsberg is the VP of Product Development at SocialChorus and instructor at GA in San Francisco. In this blog, Gal describes the changes in fundraising needs throughout the years and how you can get your startup off the ground without VC buy-in.

Back In My Day…

I started my career in 1997.  Back then, the internet boom was just starting out and companies were launching into insane valuations over night.  It seemed like everyone was putting together a new site and then going IPO for hundreds of millions of dollars.  Of course, we all know how that ended.  The bubble burst and websites like eToys, pets.com and others lost their insane valuations just as fast as they earned them.  However, what few people remember about that age is that simple sites (and they were very simple back then) like eToys and pets.com needed millions of dollars to get off the ground.

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UX: Oh, The Things You’ll Do



Ari is a Senior UX professional in Denver, CO and former instructor at General Assembly in Sydney. In this blog, Ari lays out the wide range of ways UX skills can be applied in a professional career.

I often get the feeling that the notion of UX has been pigeon-holed into someone who looks at a website or mobile app and can spontaneously make it easier to use. “If you have half an hour, can you UX this thing for me?” “Sure. I’ll whip out my wand and I’m gonna UX the hell out of it!” I used to have a UX wand on my desk for just that purpose.
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